Days Out : The Gruffalo Trail

Last week we went to High Lodge at Thetford Forest.  We're only 20 miles away but we haven't been since E was a baby.  

We went for the Gruffalo Trail, which I've been thinking about taking them to for a while but with the weather being SO hit and miss (mostly raining) we've not got round to it until now. 

Having only been once before, I'd forgotten how much there was for the kids to do and because we had such a nice day out, we actually purchased the annual Discovery pass so that we can go as many time as we like.

The girls loved following the clues and using the spotter app when we found the different characters and having their photos taken with them! We then went for lunch before setting off to explore again.  

We did a LOT of walking, playing in the parks and musical forest. But what we all enjoyed the most was making dens in the forest. We were amazed at how much effort they put into choosing the different branches and, as E kept telling me, 'collaborating' together.  E would find a branch and T would help her bring it to me and D to put into place.

It was somewhat disappointing though to see a small group of people purposefully knocking smaller trees down, almost for sport, when felled trees and broken branches are left where they fall. 

(the finished den!)

It was a really nice day and because they had been on the go the whole time, even better was that they both slept really well that night!

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