monthly roundup : July 2017

Ahhh, its the summer holidays! We're only a couple of weeks in but, touch wood, so far I've found it easier than I anticipated. 

We had a busy few weeks before school and nursery finished for the summer, most of it at E's school. We had a PE session, sports day, a Teddy Bear's picnic and, of course, E's graduation from reception. I'm really sad to see the end of reception as Year 1 sees the classes changed and the class they had for reception was a really nice mix of children.  

I have to say that I was really quite worried about the school holidays and keeping the girls entertained. Now, I don't want to jinx it too much but... so far, so good!  One of the things I really struggle with is the lack of routine. I quite like knowing what I'm supposed to be doing on different days and at different times so we've had a loose routine going - I have 1 day a week at work (kids at Nanny and Grandad's), we have another day at Nanny's with my niece and then D has been taking one day a week off for us to do something.  It has made a real difference to how I've felt about the holidays. We also had a birthday party at the end of July, which was something else to break up the days.

We had a nice day at Banham.  After a few days of patchy weather, we struck lucky with a dry day.  It was the first time we've ventured without a pushchair - we would rarely need it, but I liked knowing we had it just in case (plus, it means I can chuck everything on it rather than carrying it all!).  Luckily I didn't regret it and T walked the whole thing with minimal complaining or tantrums.  We spent a good chunk of time in the soft play and by the time we left, both kids were shattered. 

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July saw a bit of work taking place in the garden too with a summerhouse going in. I've had to take some plants out and move some others but its been worth it for having somewhere to sit whilst the girls play outside.  I'll definitely be sharing some pictures once its all up and 'done'!

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