A trip to the beach in October

Last week, as is so often the case when the kids are on half term, one of our playdates was canceled (pesky germs!) and so we were at a loose end.  The girls were understandably disappointed and spent most of the morning running around the house at full pelt, jumping on the sofa and bickering at each other. In other words, they needed to burn off some energy.  I couldn't face another trip to the park so I decided I'd brave taking them to Hunstanton. 

Despite the grey skies and brisk wind, when we got up there it wasn't anywhere near as cold as I had anticipated - that said, we were still making full use of gloves, scarves and hats.

All things considered, it was an easier trip than anticipated, even if there was quite a lot of grumbling from the girls. We didn't have anything to put shells in, they wanted buckets and spades. They wanted to go in to the Sea Life Centre. The usual but anyway, we spent a good couple of hours looking for shells and checking out the rock pools which seemed to do the trick as that night they were both shattered and went straight to sleep!  

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