Monthly Roundup : September 2017

And, just like that the school holidays were over and we are well and truly back in the swing of things.

Both girls have gone back to school and nursery. After a few initial tantrums at drop off, T settled down pretty quickly and now doesn't even bother to wave from the window. She's gone from three days a week to a full five days and is loving it!  I pick her up slightly earlier than I should so that I can get parked up easily at the school (its a real nightmare for parking!) and we sit and have a chat about her day. It always amazes me just how hungry she is when I pick her up so I make sure to take a snack with me, just to appease her a little. 

E seems to be getting on well in her new class. I wrote in my June Roundup that they had rejigged the classes for the new year so I had my concerns, particularly as we had not met the new teacher.  We're still having problems getting E to go into class - that was the same in reception - but she likes being at school and likes her teacher.  During break and lunch, she will often go and find her friends and they group up again.  I do have a little concern over one child in her new class who has upset her a few times by either saying something to her or not letting her play. For now, I'm keeping an eye on it whilst reminding her that she is very lucky to have so many other friends to play with. 

Within a few days of going back to school and nursery, both the girls picked up colds and poor old E also had an ear infection and needed antibiotics. 

T hasn't been sleeping particularly well for several weeks. Why I'm not entirely sure. She'll be shouting for me at different times through the night - she's lost donkey or blankey, she wants a cuddle, she wants the covers over her.... the list goes on. Every night, without fail, before she goes to sleep I remind her she knows how to do these different things and not to shout for me but to come through so that she doesn't wake E.  So far, its not working and I long for the day she starts to sleep through. The other thing she has started to do, which is just BRILLIANT, is cry and shout out in her sleep. So sometimes, I'll get up to her, wondering why she's been crying for a while and then realise she's asleep - that had better be a quick-lived phase!!

After a break for the summer holidays, E is back at dancing lessons. I think she's enjoying it even more this term as she has been moved up a level and is in the same class as some of her school friends.  T's enjoying going too as it means she can sit through the back with me, playing on E's tablet whilst we wait! The other good thing about her being in with school friends is that it means I also have someone to talk to whilst waiting!  

I had my follow up appointment at the hospital earlier in the month and was relieved to finally get some answers.  I've not noticed any changes yet but I'm still hopeful!

I'm a bit lazy when it comes to my hair but this month I decided to colour my hair. I followed some YouTube clips and managed to dip dye it... pink! I've always wanted pink hair and I was pleased with how it came out that I've been out and got another box to re-do it. The only thing I think I'll do differently next time is to leave it in for longer in the hope it comes out a little brighter.

So, October is here. I have a ton of things I really need to get done, including sorting out clothes - mine and the girls - to pop on eBay so I'm aiming to make a start on that. Other things I need to do include getting on top of the paperwork and giving the house a deep clean. Y'know, all the exciting stuff. 

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