Review: Forth With Life Baseline Test Review

Forth With Life is a biomarker tracking platform that allows you to track your body’s internal markers through simple to use at-home blood kits and their results dashboard, where the results are collated for you to review and monitor.

I was really pleased when the opportunity to review one of the blood tests arose as I feel like I have really been struggling with my PCOS, amongst other things, recently. There have been a few things I have been interested to look at so the timing was perfect.  

I chose the baseline test as I thought it would give a good overall picture of my health. The baseline test looks at five different areas - cardiovascular, kidney, liver, metabolic and vitamins and minerals.  

There was a little confusion initially when I ordered the test. Because this is a subscription service, I was keen not to forget to cancel the payment and did it after I had placed the order but unfortunately, it canceled the first order.  The second time around, I ordered and canceled the payment when the test arrived and all was right!  The test kit arrived quickly following the order and the results even quicker, as I shall discuss further down.  

The kit contains everything needed to take the blood sample with very clear instructions on the best way to do so.  The kit contains three lancets to draw blood, as well as wipes and plasters, as well as the vial to collect the blood.  I must say, that I actually found collecting the blood quite a difficult (and messy!) process.  Despite my following the instructions, I had to use all of the lancets and it took me almost 20 minutes to fill the vial. I must admit that by the point I was almost losing the will to live but we got there!  I then popped the sample, labeled up and packaged in the yellow biohazard bag that came with the kit.  I then logged into the dashboard on the website to let them know my sample was on the way.

I was amazed then to receive an email the following afternoon to say that my results were ready to view.  How is that for service?  

So, what did my results show?  The baseline test looks at the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, metabolic system and vitamin and mineral levels.

Forth With Life

From the above screenshot (you may need to click to increase the size, apologies!), you can see that my blood, cardiovascular and kidney markers were all fine.  From the two screenshots below, you can see that there was a marker for Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) levels being high and my vitamin D levels being low.

Forth With Life

Forth With Life

What I like about the dashboard is that alongside these markers are paragraphs that clearly explain the results and what effect they can have on us.  I was quite surprised to see that my vitamin D levels were so low and wondered if this could be part of the reason for my slump in energy recently.  I have already started myself on a supplement to see what improvement this makes. It is, however, worth noting that with regard to the ALT levels, despite these being marked as high, at a recent Doctor's appointment I was told that this was well within the normal range. With regard to the vitamin D levels, they also agreed these were low and recommended a supplement.

Overall, I’ve found the results interesting and if anyone was concerned about their health, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. In fact, I have already recommended them to a colleague and if money permitted I wouldn't hesitate to pay out for a further in depth look, particularly with regard to my hormones. The baseline test is a subscription package, allowing you to monitor and track changes over a period of time and it can be cancelled or paused at any time.

I received a Baseline blood test from Forth With Life for the purposes of this review.
All words and opinions are my own.

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