Monthly Roundup : October and November 2017

The last couple of months have just run past me. I feel like I've been spent the whole time juggling and dropping a few balls here and there.  

I normally love the change in seasons, when the clocks change and the nights draw in but this year it seems to have thrown me somewhat. All I have wanted to do is curl up underneath a blanket and hibernate. 

So what's been happening? We had a good half-term in October, with the girls getting outside in the garden quite a lot which is great as I don't like them being cooped up inside the house at this time of year.  We also had some play dates and I took them to the beach - goodness it was cold! Nanny and Grandad took them to see Milkshake at the theatre and we took them to see the My Little Pony movie.  Oh goodness, that was one of the worst kids films I think I have ever seen. It didn't help that the cinema was super hot, I found myself checking the time every 10 minutes or so!  The girls, however, thought it was great and that's all that matters.  E also had a birthday party to go to during half term, which was great as it broke the weekend up a bit for us and its always nice for them to see their friends away from school. 

I managed to get myself signed up to the school's fundraising committee, entirely by accident. Honest! I had popped my name on a list to go along to a meeting to find out more about it, managed to miss the appointment due to a change of workday and then the next thing I knew, I was told I'd been accepted as a general member! I don't have a clue what's expected of me or how much time I need to volunteer but I'm not stressing about it. What will be will be and I can only do so much!  So far I've been to one meeting and I'll reserve judgment for a few months to see how things go. I am slightly worried I'm making even more work for myself and not being able to contribute enough but they do tons for the school and the children and I'd love to be able to help if I can.

E had her school photos taken, which I'm super pleased with and T had her first proper photo done at nursery, which came out lovely - I was a little concerned when she showed me how she had smiled for the man, which was more of a grimace with all her teeth showing!  

Our Christmas tree went up in the last weekend of November! Slightly too early for me but T had decorated the tree at nursery and wouldn't stop going on about putting our tree up.  To be fair, we usually put it up then but it seemed a little too early this year. Its already driving me mad. Or rather, the cats are driving me mad, climbing up it and destroying the felt and knitted ornaments! 

After a panic about Christmas shopping - i.e., I hadn't started it, bar 2 or 3 small things, I'm now pretty much done. Luckily we don't have many to buy for, both sets of parents were easy this year and we managed to get pretty much everything we were looking for quickly.  Now, just to wrap it... I have made a start, I'm determined not to leave it until the week before like I did last year, when it took me forever to do!

Work has been crazy busy for me for the last few weeks. Even more so now that my colleague has left. D has suggested I do another day in work but I'm reluctant to do so - not because I don't want to work, but because I do enjoy having the quiet time to myself to do whatever needs doing at home etc.  I think this will be something I might need to have a look at again in the near future. 

The calendar for December is chock-a-block, everything for the girls, with pantomimes, Christmas shows and parties.  I'll be quite glad when its all over and I can sit down and relax! 

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