Monday, 18 December 2017

Tips to help keep your home secure

Photo by EVREN AYDIN on Unsplash

Not so long ago, one of our neighbours was the victim of a distraction burglary.  Fortunately the person was arrested and charged and from what we understand, this was helped by CCTV on the front of a home along the same road.  Unbelievably, the woman who was responsible for the crime actually lived down the same road as ourselves and our neighbours (how did she think she would get away with it?). And so, it has got me thinking about our home and what we do to keep it secure, particularly with Christmas just around the corner and the home being full of Christmas presents!  Here's my suggestions for keeping your home secure:  

1 - Invest in an alarm system.  Like anything, there are plenty of different models available from top of the range to basic. These can be set up so that should the alarm go off it will ring a number that you program into it, thus alerting you.

2 - Invest in a CCTV system. As with alarm systems they can be top or lower range but its worth investing in one that can be viewed through your mobile or computer system, allowing you peace of mind wherever you might be.

3 - Window locks.  When we had our new windows installed, we had the option to add these, which we did.  Not only do they help keep the home secure, we know that the windows can't be opened by the girls either! They are particularly useful for parts of the home that can't be seen from the road, where someone might be able to take their time to break in.  

4 - Keeping your doors locked. Such a simple, and obvious, point, I know but worth mentioning. Its so easy to just pop out and forget the back door is open but its worth taking the time to remind yourself to lock everything. 

5 - Going out or working late? Going away? Investing in timers for your lights and/or curtains means that you can set them to on and off at different times. Take the time to adjust these regularly. 

6 - Close your curtains at night, making it harder for anyone to see in if they felt like having a snoop. 

7 - Secure the outside of your home. Lock any side gates and invest in motion sensor lighting. 

8 - Depending on your location, a gravel driveway may be an option. The noise from the movement of the gravel will act as a deterrent to would be thieves. 

9 - Hide valuables out of view and easy reach of windows. Many years ago, I worked in an office where one of the Solicitors left a laptop within reach of the office window, thinking that the metal bars covering it would be sufficient. Needless to say, they weren't.  A policeman once told me a good idea would be to hide cash or valuables in rarely worn coats hung in the wardrobe, rather than places a would be burglar would go to (eg. the undies drawer or a box under the bed). 

10 - Don't leave car keys in an easily spotted place. Many burglaries are committed just for the burglars to take the car keys.

We already do a number of these to keep our home secure.  
Some of these points might seem obvious or even thought to be an over reaction or paranoid but the idea is to make your home as unfriendly as it can be to any would be burglars.

What tips would you add? 

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