A Guide to Choosing the Right Mobile Phone for Your Child

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The moment that every parent dreads is when their child asks them for a mobile phone. Eventually, it will get to the point where you just can’t say no anymore and, when this time comes, you need to be prepared.
Choosing a Handset
If you want to get a handset for your child because they are going off to a new school, then there will be a lot of pressure for you to get them a new smartphone. This is something that you will want to avoid because if you do have a newer phone, this increases the chance of it being stolen and it also makes your child a target as well. There is also a high chance that they will have their phone confiscated as well if they use it in class.

When choosing your handset, it’s a good idea for you to get the cheapest and the oldest handset that you can. This is not going to appeal to thieves at all, and even though your child won’t like it, they are sometimes safer. They might not have access to the app store and this means that you don’t have to worry about your bill at the end of the month or even the content that they have access to. If you want to try and keep your child safe on the app store then consider downloading a safe app for children. This way they can access a ton of content without you having to worry. If you don’t want them to have the oldest handset around, consider passing down your handset so that they have a newer model without breaking the bank.

PAYG or Contract?
If you get your child a phone and they use it for the internet or even for social media then there is a high chance that they will be using up a lot of data. When you have a PAYG contract this could end up costing you because the charges can be high. If you get them a contract, however, then you are tied in for a certain amount of time but the amount that you pay is significantly reduced. PAYG contracts are good because they can limit the amount of time that your child spends on their phone. One issue is, however, if your child needs to contact you because they are having an emergency and they can’t get in touch with you because they don’t have any data or minutes. Ultimately, the phone that you choose will depend on your child, the reason why you are buying them a phone and even if they are ready in general. Only time will tell and you have to go off your own feelings as opposed to the feelings of the other parents.
After all, nobody knows your child better than you and it does help to have a sit-down conversation with your child about the phone as well so you can make sure that they are aware of their own boundaries.

* Contributed Post

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