Meal Planning Monday

Gosh, how late am I with this week's meal planning post?! In my defence, I have been hellishly busy with work this week. We've had a couple of incidents with which the Police had been involved and I have spent a large amount of time online, trawling through CCTV, creating image stills and trawling various websites. After working all day yesterday, I came home and spent the evening working, going to bed with a headache which by the time I woke up at 5am (after a restless night), had turned into a migraine. I actually said to D as I got into bed that I probably should have taken some painkillers. But never mind. This too shall pass.

So last week's meal plan was a success.  I planned for 5 days and left the weekends free as we don't have the stresses of work and rushing around.  I cooked everything listed and we both enjoyed the meals. The only one D wasn't quite so keen on was the fish and vegetable pesto.  

I obviously got into the spirit of cooking properly last week as on Sunday I even did a roast dinner. At the age of 35, I cooked my first roast dinner alone and with no help. I was quite proud of how it turned out! Slow cooked roast pork with cauliflower cheese, cabbage and carrots, not to forget roast potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding. We invited my in-laws over as the pork joint was so big and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Onto this week's menu, here's how its been looking:

Beef stroganoff with rice for D and leftover mashed potato for me (from Sunday's roast)
Haddock and chips
Sloppy Joe's
Chicken korma with naan bread and rice

Again, I'm leaving the weekend free so we can be a bit more spontaneous!   

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  1. Wow, well done on your first roast dinner - that is huge! Well done! Thanks for linking up. I love the sound of the sloppy Joes!

  2. Congratulations of your first roast dinner! It sounds amazing. Your meal plans for this week look great too. Thanks for linking up.