Meal Planning Monday

This is my fourth week of meal planning and I finally feel as though I'm getting into some kind of routine with it.  Last week though, was a different story. I did my shopping list on Saturday and took the girls with me... and regretted it! I forgot half the items I wanted, came back with extras that I didn't and spent far more than I usually do.  Last week we had:  

Beef stew
Smoke paprika chicken with chorizo, butterbeans and chickpeas
Beef chilli with vegetables and rice
Pasta bake
Roast chicken

We were lucky last week. My in-laws were having stew and always do us a portion, often on the day, I'm in the office for a full day so that I don't have to cook and then we were invited over for dinner after they had looked after T for a couple of hours.  

I'm trying to use up more items from the freezer and store cupboard. I always keep plenty of frozen and tinned vegetables as I find if we buy too much fresh I often end up throwing quite a bit out.  

Here's what I'm planning for this week:

Hunter's chicken
Courgetti (me)/pasta (D) with lemony prawns
Easy chicken curry with rice and naan bread
Haddock and chips
Baked potato and bacon casserole

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