Monthly Roundup: December 2017

Oh, December. You almost finished me.  I have been absolutely exhausted and whilst it hasn't been a case of every day being busy, it's certainly been much busier than usual.

As is normal come December, we had plenty of bugs. So many, in fact, that there was a week where I visited the Drs three times with the girls! T had her flu jab and then immediately had a chest infection after and then E came home from a school trip with an eye infection.  Those were followed by a week's respite and ear infections for me and E!

E's school trip was to the panto and she absolutely loved it. T's nursery organised a trip to a special panto for toddlers but was absolutely adamant that she didn't want to go. 

As I think I've mentioned, I've joined the school's fundraising committee and so the week before school broke up, there was a group of 7 of us making reindeer food and putting it in plastic baubles... It took us 3 and a bit hours to make 500, boy did my hands ache afterward!  It was worth it though as E came out of school the next Monday, telling me that Santa and his elves had visited them and given them some reindeer food to sprinkle outside.  The school does a few bits for the children in the run up to Christmas, which I thinks really lovely and helps them get into the spirit: a trip to the pantomime, school disco (where they get sweets), their shows (two of them), Christmas dinner, a visit from Santa and two non uniform days (one of which is for Christmas jumper day). 

The school show was a huge surprise for us and I was so proud of E, I could have burst.  Last year saw her sat to the side of the stage, not wanting to take part and hiding up against her teacher. This year! What. A. Difference. She was in the front row, one of the first ones singing and doing the actions and she also read a line in a poem.  I just couldn't get over the difference in her. 

T had a party and a visit from Santa at the nursery too, which she loved. I was very surprised that she saw him and told him what she wanted as the week previously we had taken her to see him at the town's Christmas light switch on and she screamed the place down!  

E also had an end of year show for her dance class. Again, I was completely amazed at her. There were a good few hundred people in the audience (luckily we managed to get just a few rows from the front) and I had worried she would get on to the stage and freeze. But she didn't, she got on that stage and got on with the dance. Again, SO proud of her!  

Mum's been here for Christmas. The girls have loved having her here and it took some of the pressure off me for amusing them!  Talking of Christmas, the girls were absolutely spoilt. I'm still trying to find homes for all the new presents, it still looks very much like a bomb has gone off in here and left behind half the contents of a toy shop.

Seems crazy that we're in 2018. Time really does fly.

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