Monthly round up: January 2018

Oh, January. You've been cold, wet and dull and I'll be glad to say goodbye.  The month feels like it has dragged on and on.  I feel like I've really struggled, there has been lots of snuggling under the blanket on the sofa, not to mention lots of falling asleep on the sofa.  

I presume it to be a 5 year old 'thing' but crikey, E's attitude has been awful. There's been so much stamping of feet and complaints of how unfair I am, how she doesn't care (when I ask her to do something) and she's so bossy towards T.  And it's like a switch! One minute she'll be absolutely fine and then it just fires up out of nowhere. Honestly, if this is any indication of the teenage years I'm absolutely dreading it!  

T has been a bit of a nightmare over the last few weeks with tantrums at the drop of a hat over anything and everything. When we go to drop off at nursery it is like the flip of a switch and it isn't the most relaxing start to the day! That said, week mornings are now a little easier as I drop T off at nursery before taking E to school, meaning I've not got to worry about where she is in the playground and there's no more rushing to get to the nursery after dropping E off. I just wish I'd switched the times sooner!

January saw E start football club! One of her friends has wanted to play football for a while and her Mum mentioned it to me so I thought we would give it a try and I'm so glad I did as its a good hour of her running around. The first session was a bit of a worry when they first walked in, to be honest, as there were only 4 girls in a group of 20ish boys and with the age group being 5-11, they were also the youngest there. In the end, though, we needn't have worried as the boys were brilliant with them and they all had a blast. And for me, it was an hour sitting with the parents and feeling quite relaxed with a cup of tea in my hand!  

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Healthwise, it's not been the best of starts. I've had another ear infection. The infection has disappeared but the pain is still there and the Dr thinks my TMD is to blame. I'm also waiting for a scan at the hospital as the Dr suspects I have gallstones. We'll see what happens as this was the scenario back in 2015 when I had the same scan and nothing was found.  I'm hoping something shows up as the pain has been pretty severe over the last few weeks. 

As you might remember, I set myself some mini goals for 2018 and I'm making good progress!  I'll share that shortly. 

Here 's to February with the lighter nights starting to make an appearance. If the sun could show itself a little more too, that would be perfect. 

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