Review : Biocare's Immune Intensive

I'm always looking at ways I can boost my health, particularly through the winter, so when the opportunity to review Biocare's Immune Intensive arose, I was rather keen. Cold after cold and a bad spell with my IBS has meant I've not been feeling my best. 

Based in the UK, Biocare are professional supplement specialists with over 30 years of industry experience. Biocare's Head of Clinical Nutrition, Chris Newbold, says:

   "There are many different ways we can support ourselves during winter season, but for your immune system to function properly, it needs to be supported with good nutrition…our diets today do not always contain the sufficient levels of the required key vitamins, nutrients and minerals we need to maintain a strong and healthy immune system…. specially formulated supplements can help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.”

To help keep your immune system protected through winter, Chris recommends a combination of nutrients including vitamins A, C and D, zinc, sage, elderberry and beta-glucans. 

Biocare's Immune Intensive is a high potency immune support food supplement that contains:
  • Elderberry  - traditionally used to treat a range of winter related infections.
  • Sage - aids in the clearance of mucus within the body and help to keep coughs under control.
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin D and zinc - contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Vitamin C - contributes to the normal function of the immune system. A lack of it can make you more prone to being unwell. 
  • Beta glucans - support and balance the immune system, optimising the response to infections. 
What I thought

The instructions state to take daily with food and to mix a sachet with water or juice.  I first tried it in the morning before I had my coffee and breakfast, mixed with a glass of water.  The first thing I noticed was just how bright it was, followed by the aroma, which wasn't great but bearable. Having had powdered supplements in the past, I was highly suspicious of what the taste would be as I would usually blend into a smoothie. That said, I dived in. I managed a few sips before I began to gag and had to admit defeat, I just didn't like the flavour or consistency of the supplement. 

That said, over the following days I did try it both as part of a smoothie and mixed with apple juice, in the hope that the flavour would be more palatable to me but again, for me, I couldn't bear the taste and the flavour was overwhelming when mixed, all I could taste was the supplement. 

Did I notice a difference in how I felt? No. I don't believe that a week is sufficient to track any changes but I would think a difference might be more noticeable after a couple of weeks.  

I really wanted to enjoy this supplement but I really struggled with the texture and overwhelming flavour so it is not something I would be looking to include in my self care routine. However, don't let my negative review put you off, its always worth remembering that everyone's taste is different, I'm sure many people would disagree with me. 

At the time of writing, Biocare Immune Intensive has a RRP of £16.45 for a box of 7 sachets.  If I were unwell and feeling in need of a boost, I would have been happy to try it at this price. 

Thank you to Biocare for sending me a box of Immune Intensive for the purpose of this review.

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