Meal Planning Monday

Sitting down to plan this week's meals was a somewhat stressful affair. My Mum was down for the weekend and the girls have been somewhat.... challenging, T particularly so.  It was a case of sitting down whilst listening (and acting as chief negotiator) to them bickering and arguing in the background.

I only have to worry about sorting four meals this week as it is T's birthday. Whenever it's their birthday, we have family over and I do a big buffet meal. So whilst I did a food shop this morning, I'll be back doing the same on Thursday to make sure everything is as fresh as can be.  And it's a good job I'd planned to do that as my local Tesco had many an empty shelf, for the second week in a row.  

Anyhoo, this is what we're having this week! 

Chicken kiev with potatoes and roasted vegetables
Beef chilli
Haddock and chips (D is far more keen on this than me, I think he would eat it every week if he could!)
Wraps with breaded chicken
Buffet meal

Whenever I do a buffet, you can guarantee that I will make far too much but I would rather have leftovers than anyone leaving ours hungry. 

What food do you normally do for a buffet? Ours usually include pizza, mini sausages, sausage rolls, carrot and celery sticks, crisps, crusty bread, olives, cheese, breadsticks and quiche, as well as some sweet things.  What am I missing? What should we be trying? 

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