To my Girls on International Women's Day

To my favourite 5 and 4 year olds,

Today is International Women's Day. A day to celebrate everything that women do and achieve in the world and so it only seems right to write this to you. To tell you that you can be whoever you want to be and to do whatever it is that you want to do.  

As you make your way through this world know nothing more than we love you and that love was there for you long before you were born. With every kick and every movement in my tummy, you were growing and showing us what you might be like when you joined us. From the moment you were born, we could see the personalities the two of you would have. And as different as you both are, you both have so much in common. You are strong willed. Feisty. Caring. Brave. Leaders. Clever.  

As you grow up into the beautiful women I know you will be, in those moments of self-doubt which you will naturally have, remember this: 

You can be whoever you want to be. You can do whatever you want to do. 

Want to travel the world in an old van? Brilliant. I wish I had been brave enough to do the same. Remember to write to us. 

Want to work in the building trade? Excellent, you can help us redecorate. 

Want to stay at home raising children? Fantastic, I'm already looking forward to grandchildren. 

Want to cover yourself in tattoos and shave your hair? Fine by me, just choose them wisely.  

The point is, I don't care what you do so long as you are both happy. And kind. I will always love you no matter what.  

Lots of love, 
Mummy xx


  1. Lovely post. A friend's daughter organised a fund raiser for a women's refuge and we all got together and had a few drinks and donated - it was a great way to celebrate the day.

  2. Well said, important to not let the idea of being girl stop you from doing anything X #twinklytuesday

  3. Aww that is lovely! Definitely strive to be happy and kind, the rest will follow I think #TwinklyTuesday

  4. I think my Son has got the message that he can be whatever he wants to be. I took him to see The Greatest Showman and the next day caught him trying to perform circus tricks in his bedroom. He now wants to be a ring master! #twinklytuesday

  5. Thanks for inspiring us women with this post.#twinklytuesday

  6. My two girls are both showing all the signs of being strong women & I couldn't be more proud #twinklytuesday