Half Term : We survived!

Its Monday, I have one child back at school and the youngest goes back to nursery tomorrow. I feel like I'm ready to breathe a big sigh of relief. Deflate, almost.  It goes without saying, of course, that, I love them dearly but gosh am I relieved when half term comes to an end. As sad as it is, I like - and need - routine.  On the whole, I like to know where I am and what I'm doing.  And we don't have a great track record with half terms, as I've written previously. Last Easter both the girls had chickenpox!  

That said, this half term has been pretty good:

T had two extra days off compared to E - I'll be glad when she's at school as at least I'll know exactly where I am time-wise.  

We melted down old crayons into new shapes and bagged them up to give to their friends. We even made a few fabric bags for them. T was impressed and declared my handiwork 'super cool'.  I'm taking that as it will likely be the only time she refers to something I do as super cool!

E has spent a large amount of time with her nose stuck into a word search book that I brought her.  She is like a sponge at the moment, absorbing everything around her and wants to be learning. We've also been doing some maths books, which fills me with fear as I'm terrible at maths myself. T has been working on some 'starting to write' books too. Both have been doing brilliantly with them.

We had a play date with my friend L and her girls, E and A. The girls had the craft box out and made rainbows, amongst other things. 

We went to see Peter Rabbit at the cinema. We enjoyed the film but everyone had the same idea so it was absolutely packed and for the first time, we were unable to sit together.  

I've worked a couple of days whilst the girls spent time with Nanny and Grandad.

We've even had the playdoh out - if you know me, you'll know just how much I dislike playdoh! It gets everywhere and the smell really makes me heave.

I've even managed to catch up on some cleaning and decluttering. Including the garage, even if D did do the large majority of that.  

We've been pottering in the garden. I've finally set my seeds and popped them in the conservatory. Last year they started to sprout within a few days so I'm watching with an eager eye!

We had a play date with another friend, L, and her girls O and G at the park followed by coffee and cake at ours. 2 hours of running around in the fresh air meant that the girls were out for the count early that night!

And of course, we had an Easter egg hunt at Nanny and Grandads where the children were all spoilt! 

So, all in all, its not been bad.  Of course, it would have been nicer if the sun had showed its face a little more but we can't have it all!  How has your half term been?


  1. Until L starts school I don't have to worry about half terms and the like. Not long left though. Weather could have been better couldn't it. We were chilling on the broads. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. My Easter was ok thanks! I was supervising teens and their revision so not as amazing as your sounds! #twinklytuesday

  3. It does seem like you had a great time with your family over the break! We went to see Peter Rabbit a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed this. I must agree with you, I'm not a huge fan of playdoh, but my little one loves it. The sun is going to be shining this week, so more outdoor fun is coming our way! No rest anytime soon! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Wow you packed a lot in, i really like the idea of melting crayons, my eldest would love this X #twinklytuesday

    1. Its really easy and the kids loved it. Give it a try! x

  5. We've just started the holidatys - I love the break. School does my head in!

  6. What a lovely, fun-filled half term! Love the crayon idea; we have shares in the things so might do the same! Shame you didn't get to sit together at the cinema. I'm the same with playdough! I make the kids stop every 10 minutes and pick up all "the crummy bits" with a blob of playdough which makes clean up more bareable!! #twinklytuesday

  7. We are still to see Peter Rabbit - I 'saved' it for the Easter hols but somehow we didn't get around to it! #twinklytuesday