Monday, 2 April 2018

Monthly Roundup : March 2018

Gosh, its the end of March already and its a month I'm glad to see the end of as its been a really difficult one for me.

I started this year really wanting to improve my health and to tackle the ongoing issues I'm dealing with but I really feel as though its been one step forward and several back. For a long time, I've been having a pain in my stomach, just under my right rib - and when I say a long time, this was first looked at by the Doctors back in 2015 when I had a scan for gallstones.  In February I had another scan and blood tests which, apart from my vitamin D levels, came back normal. Although I have been showing all signs of gallstones, nothing showed up in the scan.  Early in the month, the pain was the worst its ever been and had moved into my back. The Doctors couldn't see any reason for it and decided it would be best to admit me to the surgical assessment unit at hospital. A bed was to be available for me at 9pm but when I got there... yes, you guessed it. No bed. I had to go to A&E and wait for admission, despite the Doctor arranged it. The wait was 8 hours for ward admissions and in the end, we decided that if I had to be sat around waiting, I might as well wait at home. We returned home, taking the view that if things got worse we could call an ambulance and at least I would be slightly more comfortable waiting on a trolley than sat on a hard seat.  

After a really rough night, I spoke to the hospital who wouldn't accept the Dr's admission from the previous night and the Doctor, who advised me to stay at home and keep taking painkillers, with instructions to go to A&E if it got worse again. So I stayed at home and whilst it hasn't got any worse, it hasn't got much better. I'm now waiting for an appointment with gastrology to see if they can shed any light on whats going on but that isn't until the end of April. I'll be honest, I've been feeling low. I don't notice any difference in pain when I eat different foods and I'm just fed up. 

The blood tests I had showed that I'm low in vitamin D so I have just started on a seven week course of calciferol to increase them. Apparently levels should sit at 50 and mine are at 17. I should have started them at the end of February but there was some cock up whereby I wasn't actually told I'd been prescribed them until I went in to collect a different prescription this week. I'm hoping that when my levels increase that I start to feel a bit brighter and less tired - last week I fell asleep every day, sometimes twice (and one of those was at work, although luckily it wasn't for long and no one saw me!).  As well as that, after checking for various inflammation markers in the blood tests for things like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, the Doctor confirmed I have fibromyalgia, something I've suspected for a long time. Both my Mum and Aunt have it and I've been showing some of the signs of it for several years. Its been quite the relief knowing that I'm not just imagining everything, I can tell you.  

Mum came down for the weekend. T was a bit of a nightmare but other than that we had a nice weekend, its nice being able to step back a little whilst Mum gets stuck in tbh!

March was also the month of the Beast from the East! Here in Norfolk we had a lot of snow.  E's school was closed for two days and the girls had a real blast playing out in the snow.  

This month was T's birthday too. Four... going on 14! She was, as always, totally spoilt and had a really lovely day.  

I've been slowly trying to sort through clothes and 'stuff' for the charity shop and eBay. I managed to take a few bags last week. It feels good to be getting on with it, even if its taking bloomin' ages! 

I'm really looking forward to April. We start with two weeks of school holidays - can you believe they don't go back til the 17th?! - and play dates and I have the gastrology appointment to look forward to.  

What I'm really looking forward to though is the rain clearing and getting out in my garden. I really can't wait to see some colour back in it and to get outside and potter about in it.  

Here's to April and hoping for a better month!



  1. It sounds like you've been having a rough time - it's so hard to enjoy anything when you're sick, and endless medical appointments are the worst. Lots of money, and feeling like you're no closer to the answers. Hopefully the Vit D gives you a boost at least. Hang in there and enjoy the holidays.

  2. We did have a lot of snow here in Norfolk didn't we. I'm glad you've got your diagnosis, it's better to know #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Oh no it sounds like you had a rough March, and with all that bloody snow (luckily we didn't have any more this weekend, but I think further North they did!). x

  4. Oh what a pain that you've felt so rubbish, I hope you managed to get it sorted soon. Everything always feels better with a bit of sunshine ☀️ I always think, so hopefully April will be better both weather and health wise! #twinklytuesday

    1. Thanks Kayleigh. A bit of sunshine always helps.

  5. Oh Kate, such a shame about your long wait, mixed messages and missed prescriptions. It must be so hard to keep going when you're in pain, with no diagnosis. Sorry to hear about the Fibromyalgia but as you say, at least you know now and you can face it head on. It's lovely when Mum's come to visit isn't it? Mine lives 130 miles away so it's always great to see her and be looked after a little bit! Hope April is a good month for you. Rachel :)

    1. Thank you Rachel. Mine lives about the same distance so I try to make the most of it ;)

  6. I hope you get things sorted health wise soon - sounds like a nightmare, especially when as a mum there is no down time! #twinklytuesday


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