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Hello! How's your half term going? I had so many plans and had hoped I would be able to squeeze in some blogging somewhere along the line but it just hasn't happened. As I usually say when we reach the halfway mark, I'll be glad to get back to some sort of normality and routine! Instead, we've had a couple of playdates and I've been on somewhat of a much needed cleaning blitz. Anyone else just get that urge to get everything clean? It's a rare thing so I've been making the most of it and have even managed to de-clutter a few more things as I go. Win-win!

On to this Twinkly Tuesday! This week's Tuesday Twinkler is Mini-Human Resources with 12 things that being a parent has made me.  No matter what anyone tells you, you just have no idea about any of it until you actually become a parent. You think you know what it is to be tired after a busy week of work but its a whole new level when you're doing it after nights of broken sleep.  Then of course, there's the good old Mum - parent - guilt over any and everything.  Fun times.  Pop on over and don't forget to leave a comment!  


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