A visit to Welney Wetlands

Despite living about 20 minutes away and having lived up here now for over ten years, I've yet to visit the Welney Wetlands. Until today, that is. Last year, my in-laws took the girls to see the Lego trail that they hosted and I've wanted to visit since so today, as my Mum and Stepdad are staying for the week, we decided to pay a visit.  

The weather could not have been more different to yesterday when I managed to burn.  It was chilly and very, very grey. We were layered up and we were all glad of our coats as the wind was ripping across Lady Fen (as the 300 acres of restored wetlands are known). 

I was a little worried about whether there would be enough to do there for the children in case they got bored but honestly, I could not have been more wrong. Armed with an explorer backpack, we set off to explore!

Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm not great at identifying birds. I know a few but often I'm clueless. Regardless of that, there's something quite satisfying about watching them and today I surprised myself by identifying a few.

After crossing the bridge to the reserve, there are two directions you can go in. We chose to go right with the aim to go pond dipping but, disappointingly, we got to the platform to find it roped off with a sign saying it was out of use due to rebuilding.  Had we known, we would have taken the other direction! As it was, the girls didn't want to walk any further to so they didn't get to do it at all.  

This last photo was taken as we decided to head back for lunch and it was at this point T declared herself tired.

In the cafe, whilst waiting for lunch to arrive, the girls busied themselves, firstly looking out of the viewing area and then at the small activity table which had some colouring. After lunch - which, by the way, was delicious -  we headed downstairs to the activity room where the girls looked at the interactive display and then did some activities. We came away with some more pictures and some fir cone bird feeders, which are now sat on the tree in our garden.  

Despite not being able to do the pond dipping, all in all the day was a success and we spent several hours at the reserve. I've already declared that I'm going back one day when the girls are both at nursery/school so that I can explore further!

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  1. What a shame that you couldn't do the pond dipping but it sounds like you had a lovely day out in spite of it. So interesting to see all the different birds. #countrykids

  2. It looks like a lovely day out, despite the grey skies. We have some wetlands close to us too, and I'm surprising myself with how much I enjoy trying to identify the birds there. Hope your return visit comes soon!

  3. It's a shame you didn't manage to go pond dipping as planned, it looks like a wonderful place to explore as a family though. I bet the kids loved exploring and burning off energy together, even if the sky was overcast. It's great that they had delicious lunches there too and a space to enjoy if it started to rain.

    Thanks for joining in with me on #CountryKids

  4. I think cool and requiring a jacket is much easier to cope with than way to hot.
    Sounds like you had a great time, and it looks like the lunch break came at the right time and that it re-energised her for the activity room. #Countrykids

  5. That looks good. I've never visited. Shame about the pond dipping, I do love a bit of pond dipping #TwinklyTuesday

  6. I love the tired shot! So cute. ha.

  7. My children would have loved this! It's crazy how we accidentally take our local beauty spots for granted sometimes isn't it? We recently went on a rainy day bug hunt in a place we have't been to for 4 years - right on our doorstep! #TwinklyTuesday

  8. So true how we often miss out on great days right on our doorstep so pleased you finally made it. Love seeing children away from screens too #TwinklyTuesday

  9. What a gorogous place to go and visit and blow some cobwebs off X #twinklytuesday

  10. My mummy is awful at identifying birds too! Sounds like a nice walk and glad you spotted some you recognised! #TwinklyTuesday #CountryKids x

  11. Beautiful photos. It's always the case these beauties are on our doorstep but we often miss it and opt for places that are miles away #Twinklytuesday

  12. We have so many places on our doorstep we haven't visited either - this post has prodded me! #twinklytuesday