D's Birthday

It was D's birthday this week and so, after the children had finished school and nursery, we had a trip to Hunstanton.  I think it was the first time we've attempted it at that time of day but I shall certainly be going at that time of day again as the roads and beach were both deserted. 

It was, for me, the perfect weather for it too.  Being by the sea makes me so happy but I love it even more when the wind is blowing, its a little chilly and the waves are a little choppy. The girls weren't too impressed and immediately started to complain about being cold. So instead of walking along the promenade, we took them into the arcade and let them loose on the 2p machines, which they just love.  I remember that I used to love going to the arcade too, my Nan would empty out the jar of loose change and we'd spend ages at the machines.

Afterwards, we went to the pub for dinner.  I must admit that we very rarely take the girls out for dinner, if we go out it tends to be at lunchtime because once T is tired, that's pretty much it.   This trip was no exception, she wasn't being especially naughty but she wasn't doing as she was told, was shouting and a bit tantrum-my. As they swapped their tickets for prizes, I ended up having to take her outside to calm down and it was the same at the pub. When we arrived, I ended up having to take her straight back outside, again to calm down. There's nothing worse than going in somewhere and you can see everyone watching you, wondering how you're going to deal with it and hoping you'll sit elsewhere.  Luckily, with a little food inside her and the chance to play in the kids play area, she calmed down somewhat.   They both went to bed happy and completely worn out. Perfect.

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