Meal Planning Monday

The bank holiday has thrown me a little! I'm a creature of habit and would usually do my food shop on a Monday morning but, I know my limits. I really didn't want to attempt it today with the girls in tow. And D! 

Tonight's dinner, enchiladas, was somewhat thrown together. Luckily there was a kit in the store cupboard and chicken and frozen peppers in the freezer and I added a tin of sweetcorn. Enchiladas aren't something we have very often but it made a nice change.

Here's how the rest of the week looks:

Chicken Korma
Pork belly with colcannon and broccoli
Haddock and chips

This week's meals are D's choice, bar the korma. Ideally, I wanted some easier meals to cook whilst it's warm but my mind came up blank but I shall grab some salad things to have as a fall back too. 

What are your go to meals when the weather is warmer? I would love some inspiration! 

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