Ramblings about Endoscopy Day

The Saturday before half term was the day of my endoscopy.  After the hospital admission that didn't quite happen back in March, I was referred to the gastroenterology department at the hospital and booked in for an endoscopy.  

The appointment was booked in for 10.30am and I wasn't allowed to eat anything for six hours before or drink anything for four hours before, so when I woke early at 4.30am, I took the opportunity to guzzle a large glass of water before trying to head back to sleep. Getting up and not having coffee was... interesting. I do like my first coffee of the day!  I don't know that I was nervous as such but I wanted to get it over and done with and because I remember how scared I was when I was taken to surgery after my haemorrhage, I decided to opt for sedation.  

D dropped me off at the hospital and took the girls out for the morning.  I got to the waiting room for 10.30 and let's just say, I was glad I had thought to take a book with me because I wasn't seen by anyone until well over an hour after I arrived!  Eventually, I was seen by a nurse who explained the procedure to me and got me to sign some paperwork, before sending me back to wait.  After a further 20 minutes or so I was taken through to the room where there was a bed waiting for me and as soon as I saw the bed with the screens either side I felt quite anxious about it.  I was asked to sit on the bed whilst they got everything ready before they attempted to get a cannula into my hand. Finding a vein/blood on me is always a tough job and infinitely harder if I've not had enough to drink!   Once they found one, the cannula was inserted and the back of my throat was sprayed with something to numb it.

After that, it all goes a little hazy. I had been told that by being sedated I wouldn't remember anything but I remember that I felt panicky and as though my chest was getting tighter and I could feel the tube in my throat and going through me.  Regardless, I'm glad I was sedated as I was later told that I had been 'agitated' throughout which made it difficult for them to perform the procedure.  I was quite mortified and apologetic at that although I obviously had no control over it.

After going through the procedure, the nurses went through the report with me and as well as confirming my agitation, they also confirmed that nothing was found. Everything was clear.  This is a double edged sword really because it means (a) I'm no further forward and (b) still in pain and I'm not entirely sure of what the next steps are. I have an appointment with the surgical team at the end of June so we shall see what they say then.  I just want to find out what's causing me to feel in so much pain....

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