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Happy Tuesday folks! I hope you've enjoyed the long weekend and made the most of the sunshine. We spent a lovely few hours at Thetford Forest and have then spent the rest of the weekend at home, pottering around the garden.  

This week's Tuesday Twinkler is Noleen from Miller in the City who wrote about supermarket tantrums and talks about how quickly parents are to judge one another.   We've all been there, there is nothing worse than your child having a meltdown whilst other shoppers either mutter under their breath or offer you unsolicited advice and comments.  In fact, its one of my pet peeves and if I see another parent suffering the same fate, I always make a point of smiling and making a jokey comment about it to break the ice - 9/10 it brings a smile to their face.  Digressing slightly, I remember being in Primark once when T was having a rather loud meltdown in her pushchair. The man infront of me kept huffing and puffing and muttering under his breath and when he turned to look at me for the third or fourth time I said to him 'however irritating it us for you to listen to, I can guarantee that it is just as irritating for me. Especially when she's been doing it since 6am'.  He visibly shrunk back and went very quiet.  I think my point is, parenting is hard enough as it is and as Noleen writes, we never know the full situation. I'd love to know your thoughts - would you ever pass judgement or comment? 

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  1. Oh, heavens! I love to give my support and encouragement to mums in "distress" when I'm in a store or at church. I just have such vivid memories of being in the very same position not too many years ago!