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Good morning! I'm back for another week with #TwinklyTuesday.  Isn't the weather miserable?  Whilst I don't mind it being cooler, I do find the lack of sunshine really impacts my mood.

After a difficult start to the day with T, Monday saw me feeling pretty grouchy.  I was somewhat stressed about T and then the day was taken up with various household and life chores. I stopped for coffee and realised that as a child, adulthood seemed such a long way off. I can remember thinking of all the different things I would do when I was a grown-up and now I look back and wonder what on earth I was thinking with some of those.  Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham has shared a post about his Little Ray of Sunshine and touches on this. The post - and comments left on it - have struck a chord with me and I'm going to make a real effort to try not to be quite so serious around the girls all the time. I don't want them to remember me as being serious all the time! 

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  1. Ah, lovely to hear my post resonated with you. :-)

  2. It can be so therapeutic to remember how the world looked to us when we were small.
    For me, the huge difference is TIME! It seemed to stretch out forever back then. Now it evaporates!