8 reasons Why owning a puppy is like parenting a toddler

We're a week into life with Buddy and I won't lie, it has been pretty full on.  Everyone warned me how much work puppies are but honestly, it's been pretty exhausting!  Last night, after he had a crazy 20 minutes of running riot and barking, he flopped on his bed and snored and it struck me just how much having a puppy is like having another baby or toddler:

1 - They're demanding!
Puppies might sleep for a large part of the day but when he's not asleep, Buddy is running riot in the house - tormenting the cats, attempting to climb up the stairs, scratching the carpet, killing his crinkly toy. In between, he'll be coming back to me for attention, jumping at my legs for me to give him some attention.  And of course, between that its the 100s of trips outside for toilet breaks.  

2 - Praise and reinforcement are important
As with a toddler, praise and reinforcement is the way to go with a puppy.  The past week has seen lots of 'aren't you a good boy, having a wee outside' and general 'aren't you a good boy' when he's following commands, followed by a (very!) small treat.

3 - Sleep and routine is important
I'm someone that likes a routine, I like to know what I'm doing and when. Having a dog has reinforced this, I know when I'm feeding him, taking him out to the toilet, letting him sleep etc. If he hasn't had a morning nap, I notice he paces up and down for ages and just won't settle so I've started making him settle down so he sleeps - and I can get 5 minutes peace!

4 - They will go anywhere that you don't want them to
I remember trying to keep the girls away from the stairs when they were tiny and now, I'm trying to keep Buddy downstairs as I don't really want him upstairs, particularly whilst house training. Not only that but because he's so small he can get through the landing banister and all it will take is an inquisitive moment or two and he'll be on the floor downstairs. Buddy, however, has a different idea and is desperate to explore up there, particularly if he can chase the cats up as he goes. We really need to invest in a puppy proof stair gate! 

5 - Sleepy cuddles are the best
Just like sleepy babies and toddlers, sleepy cuddles are the best. One the children are in bed, if I let him, Buddy would sleep on my lap all night.  Actually, lap is probably not the best description as he does like to sit high up on my neck/shoulder/bust, its incredibly calming sitting there with him, even if he has been a pain.  

6 - It's all about the poo
And wee.  I feel like I'm on constant watch and I've read what feels like 100s of different pieces of advice and information online about toilet training.  They all say to keep an eye out for his cues and that one of them can be nose to the ground, sniffing around but it's been impossible to suss any out with Buddy as he's always got his nose to the ground! I've been taking him outside every 30 to 60 minutes to get him to go outside and whilst he does do it, its very hit and miss. I can stand outside with him for 15 minutes and he won't do either until he gets into the living room and goes on the floor. It's incredibly frustrating, particularly as he refuses to use the training pads that I've dotted around the living room.  As he won't use them, I've been having to disinfect the carpet each time he's gone.  I've read that sausage dogs are one of the hardest breeds to house train and that they don't have full control of their bladders until three or four months, which I can see. Buddy gets very excited if he sees D and will often wee in his excitement. The thought of three or four months of cleaning mess up from the carpet fills me with dread!

7 - They're stubborn
Oh my goodness, my girls were pretty stubborn when they were little (they still are tbh!) but Buddy takes it to a new level! If I try to take him outside for a wee when it's windy, he refuses to move out of the door. I've stood outside for 20 minutes with him before, waiting for him to go to the toilet, only for him to do it as soon as he's got inside. 

8 - They bring joy
Despite the toilet training, Buddy is bringing so much joy and fun to the house. He absolutely adores people and goes completely scatty when the girls are home from school in the afternoon. He has a lovely little personality and its great fun to watch him playing with the girls and his toys. 

Are there any points I've missed that you would add? Leave me a comment to share!

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  1. Yes the link between are uncanny X #twinklytuesday

  2. I love him so much, he's just the cutest. It does sound like hard work though, completely worth it I'm sure, but hard work #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Hahaha! I totally agree with you on all counts! We are very lucky in the fact that all of our downstairs is either tiles or wooden floor! We had to roll up the lounge rug for later on, and the kids' play mat...well...that ended up in the bin!! Good luck with the training...hang in there! xxx

  4. Yes so true! Bring magical memories though and most of all that unconditional love #TwinklyTuesday

  5. We got a 5 week old kitten when BB was 5 weeks old - Biggest Mistake Ever. Definitely like having another child! #twinklytuesday