Buddy : Our First Weekend as a family of 7

Finally! Saturday morning saw us collect Buddy! In the end, it was just T and I that went to collect him. T was awake at the crack of dawn with excitement but unfortunately, E was still poorly with a sickness bug so she was nowhere near as enthusiastic and had to stay at home with Daddy.

We picked him from C, our breeder, who told me to stick to any plans I had and emphasised just how important it was that he becomes socialised from a young age. With that in mind, the first thing we had to do was take him to the pet shop to find him a collar. Luckily the staff were super helpful and we managed to find an extra small one to fit, as well as a lead to go with it.  I think whilst he's so young we might be better with a harness so we'll be heading back shortly to find one. It was funny whilst out, we were warned about people stopping us and didn't really think too much of it but everyone wants to look and fuss him.  

Once we got him home, he was immediately exploring and playing with his new toys. The cats were interested in him but weren't overly bothered by him. Mango wanted to investigate and Ed looked on from a distance whilst Buddy barked at him, which is how it has mostly stayed. I'm sure they'll get better as time goes on but if not, I'm not too worried as the cats can easily get out of his way. We spent Sunday at home before heading to my in-laws, where he soon found himself having a fuss with everyone. My brother in law brought his dog along, a cavalier king Charles spaniel, who despite being a tiny dog, looks like a giant next to Buddy. It turns out Buddy is quite feisty and showed her who was boss, it was fun to see!

I thought he would be really unsettled being taken away from his siblings but it doesn't seem to have worried him at all. I was also a little concerned about sleep and the potential lack of it but honestly, he's been a dream. I thought I'd follow his lead and see how he responded but once he's been out in his cage, within a few minutes he's settled down and gone to sleep for the night.

A few things I've learned over the weekend:

I can put as many puppy pads down as I like, he would rather chew them than do anything else on them. 

Likewise, I can stand outside for 10 minutes without doing anything and within a minute of being inside, he'll have done it on the floor. 

He likes to sit on the sofa and will bark at it until I let him on there.  

He would rather sit with me than anyone else. He wouldn't go near D at all Saturday unless it was to chew his socks.  

He loves being wrapped up in a blanket!

His ears are velvety soft.

Going anywhere takes an age as everyone wants to stop you to fuss him and talk about him.

He doesn't like the wind. 

So, so far, so good.  I'm absolutely loving having him around and only wish we could have done it sooner.  

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  1. Pups learn soooooo fast, the good and the bad (in your eyes). Good luck!

  2. What a gorgeous looking pup - all the best with the training and some magical memory-making #TwinklyTuesday

  3. aww thissi a beautiful read especially hearing about the way he loves being wrapped up in a blanket X #twinkytuesday

  4. Ah, Buddy is just adorable! Sounds and looks like he's settled well...and great news on the night time crate training!!One tip I'd give you as a dachshund owner is start as you mean to go on! They are a very stubborn and strong willed breed, and given an inch, will take a mile! Haha! Good luck with the pad training, it does take a bit of time but once he clicks what the mats are for, he'll do well! Good luck! :) #TwinklyTuesday

  5. We'd love a dog but we live in a 4th floor flat with no outside space so it's not on the cards at the mo - hope it's going well! #twinklytuesday