Buddy's First Walk

Last week we had to take a delivery to one of the seaside towns along the coast and as Buddy has now had his jabs, we thought we'd make the most of it and take him with us so he could have a little walk.  

And it did turn into a little walk! We walked a little down the road until we were clear of people and it took a good few minutes to walk more than a few feet as he wanted to stop and sniff every millimetre infront of him.  Then, when I finally managed to get him to shuffle a few feet along, one of two things would happen: he would just lay flat to the ground and refuse to move, regardless of whether he was in anyone's way, meaning I would have to pick him up.  Or, I'd get him moving and I would more or less immediately be stopped by someone who had clocked him and wanted to give him a fuss.   Which is, of course, lovely but also a little frustrating when you answer the same questions over and over, not to mention you get nowhere fast! 

Of course, we bumped into a huge amount of other dog owners and took the opportunity to let Buddy get acquainted with them. I was a little weary about this but luckily all the dogs were friendly and very interested in sniffing him. He wasn't at all worried and took it all in his stride.

One thing everyone has said to us when they have seen him or spent any time with him is that he seems to be a happy little thing which pleases me no end. When people were fussing him, 9 times out of 10 he was rolling over onto his back so that they could rub his tummy. He loved every minute of it!

For the first year, we aren't supposed to walk him too much whilst he is still growing and his back still develops but I'm looking forward to taking him on lots more walks, although I hope it will be a little quicker in time! 

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