Monthly Roundup : June 2018

Yep, we're already a couple of weeks into July and I'm only just getting round to finishing this. All in all, June was a good, if not rather busy, month! 

We started June by seeing Peppa Pig at the theatre. Both the girls absolutely loved it, although E wasn't so keen towards the end when they surprised us being spraying water on us. T, on the other hand, thought it was hysterical and laughed at us whilst hiding under the chair so that she didn't get wet!  She wasn't quite so happy later in the afternoon mind you, when she lost the balloon that Daddy brought her..... bye bye Mr Dinosaur.

The most important and all consuming thing to take place in June was Buddy as he finally came home. He's been here 4 weeks and we're finally getting into some sort of routine.  I can't believe how time consuming he is, quite like having a baby actually, but he is a beaut so I'll let him off!

The girls have been excited as this month Nanny and Grandad have had a large climbing frame delivered and built (by Daddy and Grandad). Its bloomin' amazing, I'd have loved to have had something like it growing up.  They really are very lucky.  

We've had two birthday parties this month. One of which, I managed to turn up to the wrong venue.  Ahh, fun times. The second was a pirate party that T was excited to go to, got dressed up and then as we got there, decided she didn't want to go.  After a lot of persuasion we went in and she had a great time.  

Whilst we've not made as much of the garden as we did last year - its just too hot - we've brought a new BBQ and some garden furniture so we finally have somewhere comfortable to sit. The garden is unbearably hot so I'm hoping the temperature drops so we can get outside and enjoy it some more!  I say it every year but I really do dislike the hot weather and I'm longing for it to get cooler, even though I'm quite aware that I'd still be complaining if it were too cold.  I've been very much trying to keep hidden away and have been deploying all the tricks I can, to no avail. All I'll say is I am very thankful for fans and air conditioning. And sun cream!

There have been a few changes at work recently with a new member of staff that I am working directly with and its been rather busy over the last few weeks. Its all good though and I'm excited to see the changes we can bring about working together.  

Painting! Again, as I paint in the conservatory, its been too hot to get much done but I've managed to get one wooden towel rail painted and sold and a coat of paint on a second.  I'm itching to get on with it but its like an oven out there! 

Finally, I was sent a lovely package from the people at Buscopan. I've had IBS for as long as I can remember and I really struggle to control it at times.

Diet and stress relief have, for me, have always been the advice given to me whenever I've asked for help from the Drs. Last year, I wrote about finding a lump on my jaw and the diagnosis and advice I was given which you can read here. One of the things that was really drummed into me was learning to relax and sorting out my sleep hygiene, both of which will always be a work in progress for me!  I've previously shared some different ways I try to relax, along with some tips from other bloggers which might be helpful to others. 

July will be a busy month with T having her school inductions and the arrival of the school holidays.  Here's hoping the holidays are kind!

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