Another puppy emergency!

Honestly, I need eyes in the back of my head with this one and I'm still not sure which was harder, the girls when they first started moving or Buddy.  I think its a close call!  

Just over a week ago, I caught my darling little pup doing quite possibly one of the most disgusting things he could.... He was eating poo from the cat litter tray.  

It had all gone quiet and I had a look around for him and spotted him by the cat litter tray. Or rather, just coming out of the litter tray. With a piece of cat poo in his mouth. He took one look at me and darted off into the living room.

After chasing him around the living room and kitchen, I eventually managed to get what was left off of him, disposed of it and thought nothing more of it until Saturday morning when we woke up and I took him out in the garden first thing.  He did his business and let me you, I've started the day in nicer ways.  Throughout the day, he had diarrhoea and when he started to bleed with it, I called the vets. As I was on the phone the vets, he was then sick.  Whilst waiting to speak to them, I got on Dr Google, as you do. And immediately panicked as the first links to show were about parvo. 

It wasn't parvo.  After talking to the vet, he reassured me that the likelihood was that he had irritated his stomach from eating the cat poo and any cat litter attached to it.  He advised me to feed him plain chicken and boiled white rice for a few days to let him recover and to ensure he drank plenty of water, giving firm instructions to call if there were any change or I had further concerns.  

Its amazing, just like children, dogs suddenly bounce back.  To begin with, he wouldn't drink anything and I was getting concerned so tried to give it to him through a syringe, which was unsuccessful. I then gave him one of the cloths I use for cleaning (it was clean!), soaked in water, for him to chew on, which helped a little. What really helped though, was covering his food in water. He had to drink it to reach his food.  Once he had some food and drink in him, he started to recover and was soon chasing the cats around the living room, much to their disgust.  

In the end, it took him several days to recover and, needless to say, I have been watching him like a hawk around the litter tray, I'm a bit paranoid he'll do it again.  What the fascination is, I don't know. One thing I do know, is that I'm once again relieved that I took out pet insurance, so if he is ill it takes some of the stress away.

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