Monthly Round up : August 2018

Its September which means two things: 

1 - We survived the school holidays!
2- T starts big school!

I genuinely didn't think we would make it through the school holidays in one piece. E has just been a typical 6 year old - all attitude, but T was a whole different story.  Not doing as she was told, back chat, constantly arguing with me, tantrums (jeez, the tantrums!) winding her sister up and all the usual 4 year old behaviour, just ramped up several notches.  In fact, it had been so bad we were wondering whether we should take a trip to the Doctors to see if there was anything behind it. 

Now, I don't want to jinx it, but we think we've finally turned a corner as she has been like a different child for the last two weeks. I think that we were just incredibly lucky with how laid back E was and were completely unprepared for just how different the two of them are! I'm hoping this is the way forward and that school is just what she needs - she seems quite bright to us so we wonder whether boredom has something to do with it? Time will tell!

At times its felt like the holidays have really dragged but now it feels that September has suddenly crept upon us. Over the holidays we have:

Spent days at Nanny's with my niece and made the most of the warmer weather with the paddling pool. 

Had trips to the park and taken Buddy for some nice walks, including a trip to Hunstanton.  I've really enjoyed getting outside with him and its been nice to see some different parts of town that I wouldn't see otherwise - I love having a nose at houses as I walk by!

We've had yet another puppy emergency with Buddy. That was fun!
The girls have been doing plenty of home learning, with T doing some introduction to maths and phonics and E doing some more suited to her level.  Both have been asking to do it and enjoying it and I'm hoping it puts them in good stead when they return to school.

E had her sixth birthday!

I've had a number of Doctor and hospital appointments relating to my ongoing stomach issues. Needless to say, I'm no further forward and its left me feeling incredibly frustrated.  I've also had to have a nerve conduction test on my arm which I've been having some problems with for a few months now. I'm currently awaiting those results and hope they show what's causing it.  I've really struggled with the heat and energy levels so I'm looking forward to it getting a little cooler.

We've had a handful of playdates which have been spread out and its been nice for us all to catch up. 

And that was August. Despite the school runs and after school club chaos, I'm looking forward to getting back into the school routine.  I hope you all had a great summer? 

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