Gratitude Journal #2

Its been one of those weeks. Last weekend I was in a real hormonal funk and this week seems to have followed suit. Can I blame it on hormones? I'm not sure but I've felt low and pretty miserable, especially combined with period pains and everything else.  Other than work and housework, it's been a quiet one. Here's what I'm grateful for:

School Disco
This week was the school's Halloween disco and both girls had a great time. It was T's first one and she was very anxious about going but when Nanny picked her up afterward, she didn't stop talking about it and how good it was.  She was also very impressed with the sweet cone she got afterward!

My friend canceling breakfast
We'd loosely arranged to meet for breakfast after the school run on Thursday but she was unable to make it, which worked out well for me as it meant I could catch up with some housework and washing. I finally found the bottom of the washing basket, hooray!  

This week I've managed to finish painting a bookcase and got it into the shop for sale.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick sale.

I've not had my hair cut for the last six months or so, I just haven't found a hairdresser or salon that I like.  Consequently, that also means the kids haven't had theirs cut for almost the same time.  This weekend I took the girls to a new hairdresser and I think I've found our new hairdresser. She gave them both a great cut, was friendly (without being too over the top!) and, just as importantly, was quick!  The girls are looking less scruffy and I've even booked myself in for next week. 

The Kitchen Floor
As I've probably said a billion times before, the problem with doing a home renovation  is that it just takes so long to do when you're doing it all yourself. This weekend D has completely cleared the garage and managed to start laying the new floor - i.e. insulation and floorboards, ready for the actual floor. Whenever that happens. I'm glad its finally starting to come together although I'm under no illusions that I will get my kitchen any time soon! What are you grateful for this week? 


  1. It's good that even if you are in a funk with the world (and of course its the hormones!) you have been able to find some positives. Life is all about the little victories! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. It is so good to keep track of the daily blessings. #twinklytuesday

  3. A hairdressers would be a real treat, I never go, I cut my own hair and all the family too, enjoy your new find. #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Brilliant! My Mum used to do mine, I've been doing my fringe for a few months but it looks so much better now its been done properly!

  4. How lovely to get your hair done. Nice break to look forward to. #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Sounds an awesome week full of loveliness. It is wonderful when you get new flooring and constantly just want to walk on it X #twinklytuesday

  6. Isn't it funny how things that shouldn't be positive, breakfast being cancelled, actually end up being helpful or good. I find being able to see the positive side of things really helps elevate your whole mood in general.

  7. Weeks where nothing much happens help to keep us grounded! This week, despite now heading towards being 4 days overdue, I'm grateful for the little life inside of me. Earlier this week I remembered my babies who I never got to meet so waiting a few extra days to meet my little man doesn't seem like a hardship. P.s I don't think I've ever seen the bottom of my laundry basket!

  8. I love finding a good hairdresser. I always seem to find one just before they move.#twinklytuesday

  9. I really love these weekly journals. So much for us to be grateful for. I keep meaning to start one. I might put it on my New Year's goal's list x #TwinklyTuesday

  10. Love the weekly journal. Glad you found a new hairdresser #twinklytuesday