Gratitude Journal #6

T and E were a little disappointed when we told them we weren't going to be doing fireworks at Nanny and Grandad's this year so we dug out some leftover fireworks from last year and Nanny and Grandad grabbed a few more.  We had a little firework display in the garden, followed by dinner there.  E really loved watching them but T wasn't as keen and disliked the loud noises and ended up going back inside with Nanny.

Discharged from the Oral Surgeon
I had a follow up with the Oral Surgeon following my appointments and CT scan last year regarding the lump on my jaw. Thankfully it hasn't grown much and as the numbness isn't too bad it can be left rather than removed. I say thankfully as it is sat on a nerve and if it is removed, I run the risk of nerve damage.

This weekend I've got out with the girls and Buddy on both days and we've covered almost 5 miles.  It wore them all out and I had a lie in on Sunday until 8am. Bonus.

I like to think I'm a loyal friend but I don't have many friends and not many that I see very often. It doesn't worry me too much, I like to know that I can trust the few friends I have and don't have to worry about living in each others pockets. As with many Mums though, its usually a case of saying we must meet up soon and not actually getting to do it - life gets in the way for one reason or another! This weekend I had a really nice message from one of my friends that I've not seen for a good few weeks, despite our children going to the same school.  It came at just the right time and for that I'm grateful.

Dinner cooked for me
D came home from sorting the animals last night to say that his parents were having a roast dinner and she had plated a meal up for each of us.  Its always lovely not having to cook - or wash up and I'm certain I'll enjoy it tonight!

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