Silent Sunday : 18 November 2018

(I feel like this photo needs explaining! I think a certain pup has been at the cat litter tray again. We went shopping yesterday and came home to find he had an upset tum. So. Much. Diarrhoea. I was up several times with him last night and have spent today feeling like a zombie. He sleeps in our (tiled) hall so I left him in there this morning but he was feeling a little sorry for him. So I wrapped him up in a towel, incase of accidents, and brought him into the living room for a cuddle. He soon settled and fell asleep, as he's done most of today. Its a different story tonight - he's been humping the cat and running around the living room so I'm pretty sure he's on the mend.)

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  1. Doesn't he just look sorry for himself! Glad he is on the mend, dogs are mad aren't they?

  2. He sounds like a tinker! Look how sorry he looks for himself though. I could never resist those eyes. #MySundayPhoto

  3. He looks so cosy there, hope he's on the mend

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto