Unwanted Gifts

At the weekend, I logged on to Facebook to see someone on my friend's list selling a toiletries gift box that I had given them for their birthday.  It popped up in my feed, described as "... unopened, unused and unwanted..."

How would this make you feel? Would you sell an unwanted gift on Facebook where the person who gave you it could potentially see?  I must admit that it made me feel quite cross.  Not because they didn't like it but because it felt a little rude and ignorant to advertise it where I could see it and it felt a little as though they were being ungrateful, as if it wasn't good enough for them.

I appreciate that not everyone likes a gift given to them and I'll admit that over the years I myself have given items to the charity shop.   And I think perhaps that's what annoyed me the most: this  person has given me some truly thoughtless gifts over the years (a cheap and garish bright eyeshadow palette when I've always worn neutrals, as an example) and I've always smiled and said thanks. I've never gone and flogged it somewhere they would see.

So when you're receiving a gift this Christmas, do remember its the thought that counts but also remember that if you're going to get rid of it because you don't like it, not to do it where the person who gave it to you will see it!

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  1. That is so rude of your friend.
    If I receive something I don't like or want I will donate it to a charity not sell it. I think that is just greedy x