Christmas Day 2018

  • We woke to a sharp frost. It stayed grey and cold all day.
  • T woke at 6.20.  I managed to persuade her that it was still too early to get up and to go back to bed for a while. She did and she and E didn't wake up until 7.30 - result!
  • We got up, showered and went straight down to dive into presents.  Once presents were opened, we phoned Granny and mid-morning we headed over to Nanny and Grandads.  
  • Lots and lots of presents awaited! T was like a machine going through them. She tends to open them all and then have a proper look at them after. E had a different idea this year and decided to save some presents to open on Boxing Day with her cousin.  
  • Once the presents were done and the girls were settled playing nicely, me and Buddy headed out for a long walk before lunch.  
  • A walk in the fresh air was just what I needed.  As much as I try to enjoy the day, I find Christmas hard work and being around people, even family, all the time.  I get anxious and edgy and it often leaves me exhausted   We managed 50 minutes before heading back.  Buddy so grubby by the time we got back, I had to stick him in the bath and wash him off. 

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  1. I think the holiday stress culminates on Christmas and this is the first year I didn't push myself. I would have been a basket case if I did. Well at least it's over for another year, a walk with Buddy sounds like a refreshing idea, mud be damned.