Gratitude Journal #12

Schools Out!
The girls broke up for school last Tuesday and whilst the last few days have been quite hard, its been lovely not having to set the alarm or worry about lunch boxes.

My in-laws had my niece last week and called at lunch to see if the girls wanted to go over to play.  I got there and my MiL asked if I wanted a coffee before I left - I hadn't realised I was dropping them off and leaving them as I normally stay. So I made a run for it whilst I could and I had several hours to myself, with D collecting them when he had finished work. Result!

Christmas Food Shop
So whilst my in-laws had the girls, I made the most of it. D bunked off work for a couple of hours and we went off and did the food shop. I'd run my freezer and store cupboards down so I could do a big shop. 

For many reasons, I find Christmas quite difficult so this week I'm reminding myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by family and to be able to celebrate Christmas.  So many people don't have that privilege and for that I'm grateful.

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