Gratitude Journal #9

Not Having to Cook
I was lucky this week with two nights off from cooking!  We had one night where we walked into town to see the Christmas lights after they were switched on and met my inlaws in the local Weatherspoons.  Dinner was delicious!

And then, after I finished my full day in the office and went to collect the girls from my in-laws with D, they had made us a roast dinner! Honestly, it was the perfect timing as I had the start of a heavy cold and really couldn't be bothered to cook.  

Christmas Shopping
Well, finally making a start on it! Mostly stocking fillers, but its a start!  I've tried to buy things I know they'll make use of, e.g. hair clips, lip balms, notebooks. 

New Mattress
We've had our new mattress a couple of weeks now. I'm so pleased with it, I'm not waking up anywhere near as achey (still achey though!).  Before, I was unable to lie on my left side because I found it too painful whereas I now can. 

Toy Clear Out
I was really pleased with the girls on Saturday. I told them they have to tidy their playroom and get rid of a few toys to make way for new toys at Christmas.  They filled up a box without any complaining and have since added a few more things. Between us, I've also taken a couple of bags of things, as well as a box of baby and toddler toys and they've not noticed they've gone.  I think they have so many things and it really frustrates me when they aren't played with, so I'm grateful for the clear out.

Last week I picked up a box of baileys flavoured coffee and they were delicious!  Perfect as a mid-afternoon pick me up.


  1. I am getting rid of tonnes of stuff. I leave it on the fence and people take it. This woman thanked me today, as they were taking something today, took something last week and apparently, took all our playdough cutters and extruders four years ago! Another woman with a baby strapped to her chest took a picture book and was really excited. Normally it just goes, but if I'm unloading the car, I love to witness it and see the 'new owners'. Got to make room for the new 'stuff'!

  2. I do a love a good clear out just before Christmas. I too love it when people cook for me X #twinklytuesday

  3. Sounds like a really good week. Have another great one! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Working on getting ready for Christmas here too. Hoping to finish with the decorations today.

  5. Lovely post but where exactly do I find Baileys flavoured coffee! Sounds delicious!! Always lovely when you have a decluttering exercise and I empathise on the mattress front as I recently got a lush pillow and it brings such joy still #TwinklyTuesday and have yourself an amazing week

  6. Isn't it lovely when someone else cooks and washes up, I totally get this #Twinklytuesday

  7. We could do with a good toy clear out! Sounds like you've had a nice week with the light switch on and everything #TwinklyTuesday

  8. I love your gratitude journal, such a lovely idea! I also love a good toy clear out and a baileys coffee! #TwinklyTuesday

  9. You had a great week. We clear cupboards all the time and we donate unused toys and clothing to charity #TwinklyTuesday