Gratitude Journal #14

Back to School and work
Wednesday was my first day back in the office having been off since the kids finished school. It felt good to get back in and catch up work and my colleagues.  Whilst I was at work, the girls were with my in-laws which they loved and then we stayed for roast when we went to collect them.

The kids went back to school Thursday which I was very grateful for as I woke up with a migraine and it meant I didn't have to worry about looking after them as well. All in all, its good for us to be back in a routine. 

Breakfast with a Friend
I've started this week with breakfast out with my friend L who I haven't seen for a few weeks. We've been trying to organise this breakfast since last August as a thank you to her for making E's birthday cake. It was good to finally make it and have a good chatter about anything and everything! 

Long Walk
Over the weekend D and I took the girls for a long walk with Buddy. We discovered two new, small, parks and stumbled across the local nature reserve which we've only ever driven to before.  I'm enjoying getting out and exploring, although I'd enjoy it even more if T didn't start complaining within 10 minutes of leaving the house!  

Early Birthday Present
Whilst Mum was here, we ordered my birthday present from the Emma Bridgewater sale.  My birthday isn't until February but we took advantage of the sale and I chose a gorgeous 6 pint jug which has already arrived and looks lovely on my sideboard! 

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