Gratitude Journal #15

New Dog Coats
Somewhat of a random one, I admit, but we finally got two dog coats for Buddy that properly fit him!  Since he's gained a little weight, his previous one no longer fits round his middle and its been hard finding one that fits him properly all over. We found some online from a website called Woodlands Dog Coats which were very reasonably priced, as well as being very well made. We picked him up a fleecy one for when he just needs to keep warm and a waterproof one. 

Late and Lazy Weekend Mornings 
This weekend we had two slow and lazy mornings with the girls - and therefore us -  not waking until 8am.  On both mornings I got up to feed the cats and Buddy, let him out as usual and then went back up to bed!  Its a rarity!  

A Sunday well spent
Sunday's are usually spent at home, unless we take Buddy out for a long walk. Yesterday we headed out to do the food shop, followed by a trip to soft play for the kids. It did them some good to get out and burn off some energy. Because T was being so good whilst out, despite feeling a bit under the weather (she's caught my never ending cough and cold), he told them we would take them to McDonald's after. Of course they were thrilled! Once we got home, he dropped me off before nipping to see his parents, taking the kids with him. So I grabbed Buddy and took him out for a quick walk. We managed 20 minutes - I'd have liked longer but it was just too windy for my liking!

I dropped some things off at the charity shop last week and managed to leave myself enough time to browse through the books and picked up 5 to bring home. I'm already half way through one and its got me gripped.  

Meal Planning
We're two weeks into the year and so far I've managed to plan out all of our evening meals which I'm really pleased about. Here's hoping I continue to be as organised from here on in, it makes the food shop and mealtimes generally so much easier.


  1. Sounds like you have had a lovely time. I do love a good meal plan, it saves us quite a bit of money actually as we're not always buying extras to make up a meal. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. I buy all my books in charity shops, there are some great finds hiding in there. Those lazy mornings sound perfect for January. #Twinklytuesday

  3. I love reading your gratitude journal. I really need to start one too. The late and lazy mornings sound like bliss x #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Share a lot of your joys this week - here's to dog cuddles and walks, good books and giving ourselves time to just be. Also meal planning is working so well for us here - finally done it after years of playing at it and getting nowhere. Thanks for hosting #TwinklyTuesday and have an awesome week ahead

  5. Seems as if you had a great weekend. Meal planning works great for our family as well - it helps to be organised. We usually make food for two or 3 nights - freeze the meals and then just pop in the microwave. It saves such a lot of time #twinklytuesday