Monthly Roundup : December 2018

December seems so far away now.  The kids had so much going on and work was super busy so the month felt like it went in a bit of a blur.  

Through the space of two weeks, at the school there were a total of four Christmas shows (two performances each), a puppet show for T, a a trip to the farm for T, a panto trip for E, a school trip for E and two school discos. 

E had her end of year dance show. The different age groups come together to perform, with their individual groups, followed by one big group dance at the end.  They were all brilliant and it was really amazing to see how much they have all improved and come along since they started.  

I had my hair cut, quite a large chunk (3-4") taken off. It feels so much better and I might take it a little shorter next time. 

A few days before Christmas, E had a dance party to go to which was one of the nicest parties I've been to. There was just 14 of them so it was nice and relaxed, with plenty of coffee and catching up with the other parents.

We finally got to meet up with my sister and Stepmum. It had been a long time, with different things getting in the way.  It was really, really nice to see them and I realised just how much I'd missed seeing them both.

Christmas was quite a quiet one for us, just as I like it.  The girls were utterly spoilt and I'm still looking for places to put all their presents.  We spent Christmas day and Boxing day at my inlaws, which was really lovely as I didn't have to cook - don't worry, I help them with clearing up!

The day after Boxing day, Mum and my Stepdad came to stay so the kids had more presents to unwrap and they loved having them here. Mum took them into King's Lynn by train on one of the days, meaning we had the house to ourselves for several hours and manged to get a few jobs done.  It felt very strange without them as it was just so quiet!

New Year's Eve was a quiet affair and the dose of vitamin sea did us all the world of good. 

January is shaping up to be a quieter month so far and I hope it stays that way. I feel as though Christmas and December in general has taken it out of me and I need some time to get over it!  Does anyone else feel this way after the festive period? 

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