2018 Mini Goals : How did I do?

We're almost halfway through January. Or we were when I first wrote this post. It's now February (already!) and I thought now would be a great time to share how I did with the Mini Goals I set myself last year. Better late than never, eh?

1) Read 12 books 
Done! I shared last month how well I did with my goal, which you can read here. 

2) Move more 

My aim was to aim for 70,000 steps across the week (10,000 steps recommended daily), which would work out (provided I've added this up correctly!) at 3,650,000 steps over the year.  Here's how I did across the year (steps/miles):

January : 343,600 / 133
February : 296,049 / 136
March : 360,665 / 138
April : 330,303 / 166
May : 316,756 / 129
June : 325,564 / 117
July : 360,258 / 184
August : 332,804 / 132
September : 389,172 / 162
October :  286,419 / 132
November : 303,754 / 132
December : 282,591 / 127

Over the year I walked 3,927,935 steps or 1,694 miles.  
A BBC article I've read, states that the UK National Obesity Forum considers a person walking between 7,000 and 10,000 steps a day qualifies as being "moderately active".   I think that's me.

I'm not normally nerdy with tracking figures or information but for some reason, I do like to keep an eye on my steps and distance. Maybe it's just because I like to see what I do with my time, I'm not entirely sure. 

3) Measure myself 
A big fail with the tape measure this year. According to the scales though, I've lost a stone which I'm obviously pleased with. 

4) Be more creative

I didn't get to do quite as much of this as I would have liked for several reasons, the main one being that my painting space is in the corner of our conservatory and we had to use the space as a storage area for a number of months.  

5) Clear out some of my handbags
I only managed to clear out 2 but that's better than none. 

6) Clear out my shoes and knee-high boots

I cleared out 4 pairs. Again, better than none!

7) General declutter

This one's ongoing. We've cleared out the garage that we are converting into our new kitchen and managed to clear out a  number of bags of 'stuff'.  I've cleared out quite a large amount of the girls toys and have even managed to sell a pushchair. I still have lots to clear though and will be continuing to work on it in 2019.  The day before New Year's eve, D and I managed to sort out six full black bags of clothes and shoes for the clothes bank.  That's brilliant in terms of clearing things out but the prospect of just how many 'things' we own is madness.

8) Meal planning and new recipes
This is a half and half. I've been doing reasonably well with the meal planning but not so well with trying new recipes.  

9) Writing more
I've been writing more, just not on the blog. I've been doing some journaling at home, writing about a number of deeply personal things which I'm not comfortable sharing quite yet.  Again, it is definitely something I want to continue working on.

I've also been writing more at work, which is a completely different style and subject matter. Our marketing manager has been very complimentary about my writing, which has been a huge boost to my confidence. I'm hoping, time dependent as there's only so much I do, that I can continue to build on this. We're involved in the process of setting up a new publication and there's talk of my writing a regular column or page in it. The thought terrifies me and excites me in equal measures, as a teenager I wanted to be a journalist.

10) More patience

I'm not sure how much progress I've made on this one, it's a hard one to measure. I certainly don't feel as though I'm any more patient. 

11) Increase my savings
Buying Buddy put a big spanner in the works, making a huge dent in my savings but I'm proud that I still managed to save. A few months into 2018 I started to collect the Tesco savings stamps, just grabbing a couple here and there and by the time we reached December I had £100.  It made a huge difference to our Christmas food shop and it was really nice not having to worry too much about what I was buying. 

In terms of actual savings, I managed to save £150 into the dog fund, which is to cover vet fees etc, and a further £914.41 went into my ISA.  Several hundred pounds of this was made up of unused holiday money but in total, I saved a total of £1,164. I'm really pleased with that considering I work part time and I've always been crap at saving money.  I'm aiming for £800 in my savings account over the next year as I don't know what will happen with holiday over the coming year and anything else will be a bonus. 

12) Get organised
What can I say?  I'm trying!  I missed a school parents in the classroom event (luckily the kids understood!) and I missed one birthday party this year which I was annoyed with for letting the Mum and child down. I've mislaid paperwork but overall, I don't think I've been quite as bad as I usually am.  I have a large family planner on the wall which I've sat down and filled in with birthdays, school dates etc and as soon as I see a school newsletter, I'm putting it next to it and adding the dates.  I genuinely think it will be a constant battle! 

13) Get the garden as I want

A big fat fail because the weather was just too hot for me to get out and work on it. The plan for 2019 is to get it looking just as nice but making it as easy as possible for me to maintain.

14) Get the curtains up in the bathroom


15)  Keep on top of the housework

I still hate doing the windows and playroom but I've been quite good at keeping on top of the jobs, trying to do odd little jobs throughout the day, from wiping down the doors to cleaning the floors. 

16)  Drink more water
I've started to keep a reusable bottle on the side in the kitchen so that I can keep sipping from it which I think has helped with me to drink more water. That said, I do still drink quite a lot of coffee and diet coke, which I'd really like to reduce, particularly the diet coke. 

17) Continue to improve my makeup and skincare routine

My skin has improved no end and I've had much less in the way of spotty outbreaks this year. One thing I've been making sure to do is not to use the same products every day and alternating the products I use otherwise I notice my skin starts to feel greasy.  I've also started to try and have make up free days at the weekend. I know that might not be a big thing to many people but as someone who has always worn make up every single day regardless of whether they're going out, I'm really pleased with that. 

18) Finish the online course I started last year

Another big fat fail because I didn't manage any of it! 

Did you set yourself any goals for 2018? How did you do? 


  1. Congratulations on recognizing progress wherever it happens!

  2. Brilliant list and always helps to know where you want to go,great fro focus X #twinklytueaday

  3. Good for you on the weight loss! And I'm amazed on the 12 books! Well done!

  4. Some great goals and achievements, well done, it gives be inspiration for this year #twinklytuesday

  5. Wow, so many things on your hit list. You should be proud of all that! I'm obsessed with counting my steps too, and I should definitely declutter and clean more. Hey, I should just steal your whole list..! X

  6. Ps Happy #twinklytuesday. Thanks for hosting! X

  7. Some good mini-goals here. I think we all need to write them down. Your list is quite extensive but you're doing so well, I know you'll smash through it x #TwinklyTuesday

  8. I think you've done really well...it was quite a long list! I'm also trying to do 10k steps daily and generally focus on my health. This year I'm doing #150hoursoutside for motivation too. #TwinklyTuesday