Gratitude Journal #18

E Enjoying a Play Date
Since starting school, there has only been two occasions that E has gone on a play date, without me.  Last week was her second and she had a great time. When I collected her they were running 'missions' dressed as Batgirl and Supergirl and the Mum told me how polite she had been, remembering to say please and thank you to everything. Manners are so important, so I was really pleased to hear this.  It was also quite helpful, as I had never driven down the estate she lives. I've now found a whole new - long - route that I can go for a walk with Buddy.

Paid Work
I added a guest post on a Saturday evening and first thing Monday morning, my invoice had been paid.  This was such a lovely surprise as sometimes it can be the complete opposite.  Luckily I don't rely on such paid work for my main income but I can imagine just how frustrating it must be having to chase payments.

T and E have been talking about getting married recently. They often tell me that they want to marry each other. Or Daddy, as girls do.  Last week T told me that girls could marry girls if they wanted to and that she wanted to marry her friend, M.  

I told her that girls could marry girls and boys could marry boys and girls and boys could marry and that she could marry anyone she wanted so long as they loved each other. She took it in her stride and carried on with what she was doing. And that is exactly how I want it to be, just matter of fact for them, no dramas or worries about what they're telling me. And its true, I don't care whether she (or E, of course) love a man or woman, so long as they're both happy. 

Clearing the drivewayWhilst I took Buddy for a walk on Sunday, T and E went out on the driveway with D and played on their bikes. As we're right on the main road and the driveway is currently open, they need supervising.  Not that I'd want to leave them out on their own anyway!  Whilst they were out there, they made good use of the new litter pickers we recently ordered and managed to clear the driveway of all litter and leaves, it looks so much nicer now its tidied up!

Unfortunately we seem to have quite a bit of litter blow on to our driveway.  We are always amazed at the amount of rubbish we see being discarded and when we've spoken to the Council about it, they've shown no interest in helping to resolve the issue, i.e. a bin along the road. 

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