Gratitude Journal #19

I've found this week to be a pretty tough one, in all honesty. I've been in a real funk all week and have been struggling with my mental health.  I'm hoping for a much better week ahead of me but as my birthday is approaching, I'm not feeling all that hopeful. For some reason, birthdays and Christmas are a trigger for me.   Anyway, here's what I'm grateful for this week:

Finally Finding a Dress
We have a black tie works event in March and I have been on the hunt for a dress for weeks. I live in jeans, so needless to say I didn't have anything suitable. There were two I really loved, both of which sold out within an hour of me finding them.  I ordered a gorgeous pink one which was just too long on me and a bit snug around the bust, so that went back. I ordered another, with the order being cancelled three days later as it was out of stock. I ordered another three and they all went back. I finally went back online and had a look to see that one of the dresses I originally wanted (before I ordered anything!) was in stock, just in purple rather than black. I managed to order the last one and then spent the next couple of days waiting for a cancellation email! Thankfully that never came, the dress arrived and despite not being a colour I would usually choose, it looks nice enough.

Water in the pantry
D took a day off last week so that he could sort out the water for the pantry, where the washing machine is going. It involved taking up half of E's bedroom carpet up, the landing and bathroom but its done and the washing machine is now in place. Even better, it means we now have a space in the kitchen for a dishwasher!  We're borrowing one as we will be getting an integrated one once the new kitchen is complete.  Can. Not. Wait. 

D Taking a Day Off
Both the girls have had a horrible cough over the last week. It started off with E being quite badly affected by it but quickly moved to T.  When I collected her from school on Thursday, her teacher said that she wouldn't expect to see her in school the following day, so when she woke up still coughing badly, we decided to keep her off. And luckily for me, D took the day off work to look after her.  She was absolutely fine in herself, just the usual cold symptoms combined with the cough.  

Sunday Alone Time 
Sunday, the girls were up and dressed early so they went to sort the animals out with D first thing. They were gone for a good hour, briefly came home to get their swimming things and then went back out for another 2 hours!  Once it was dark and time to put the animals away for the night, they went back with him to help again so I was very lucky with my quiet time - and very gragteful. Even if I did use it to do the washing, ironing etc.


  1. I really love this gratitude journal idea. It's easy to find time to moan about life's troubles, but less common to take time to celebrate the good things - so thank you for the reminder. Sorry to hear you weren't having a great week, but fab news about the dress! Look forward to hearing about the party which comes with it. Take care. x #twinklytuesday

  2. Sounds like a great week, really - illness aside. We have a dress fiasco of our own - lost in the post. Not happy at all! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. I think it is really good to have time out as there is much noise in the world. Have a great week X #twinklytuesday

  4. Sorry to hear you've had a rough week. I hope it gets better - and that you have a fabulous birthday x #TwinklyTuesday

  5. We need a photo of the dress, it sounds lovely and I hope you enjoy your black tie do in it. #TwinklyTuesday

  6. I know I say this every time, but I love your gratitude journals! I'm glad E and T are feeling better, and that you got some time to yourself at the weekend! #TwinklyTuesday

  7. Congrats on finding a dress! I've got my hubby's 40th looming and seem to have lost my way with going out clothes since becoming a mum...I live in jeans and stripey tops! #TwinklyTuesday