Gratitude Journal #20

This week has seen a big change in our house. After almost 4 years in our home, we have a dishwasher!  It has been life changing for me! Our kitchen is tiny, hence renovating the garage into our new kitchen. Because the pantry is almost finished, we've been able to move the washing machine and tumble dryer in there, which is also making life so much easier. So the dishwasher is now where the washing machine was. We were lucky that my brother in law has let us borrow his as he is getting a new one that will be integrated, which is what we plan to do once the kitchen is finished.

Last week was my birthday. 37, god I remember when the 30s seemed so far away and now my 40s are creeping closer instead.  I'm grateful for every year I get.  We had a nice day, the kids were at school and D and I went shopping and had lunch out whilst my workmates had Buddy with them in the office. I always feel a little guilty if I leave him at home alone for too long. Especially as the little monster has been chewing the woodwork!

Mum Coming to stay
With it being half term, Mum is here for a few days. Its always nice to have her here as it takes a little of the pressure off of me, particularly in the mornings as they go and wake her up rather than me!  Today she has taken them upstairs to clean and tidy their bedrooms, one of the jobs I really dislike so I am very grateful for that!

Birthday Preparations 
T's birthday is next month and she has been asking for a party at soft play.  Initially we were trying to organise a joint party with one of her best friends as there is only four days between them but it proved too tricky so now, its just her.  After much phoning around, we've booked an exclusive use soft play party. It sounds extravagant but it would have cost just as much to hire a hall with entertainment and food on top.  By hiring the soft play, all we need to organise is party bags. Result. 

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