Gratitude Journal #21

Hospital Appointment
Last Monday I had yet another hospital appointment which went was overall positive. I've shared a few ramblings here.   

Play Date with L and Girls
Tuesday of half term saw my friend L and her two girls come over for a play date. They are the loveliest girls and are always so well behaved and kind.  Usually the girls pair off and play but this time they all played together and we only had to intervene once. They had the craft box out and made masks, amongst other things and put on a Christmas show for us, inbetween enjoying cakes that E and T had made with Granny. 

Birthday Shopping
As I mentioned, last week was my birthday. I was lucky to be given a good amount of money to buy myself something so last week I spent some time searching online and brought myself some new clothes and boots.  That was followed a by a trip to Boots to treat myself to some new make up and toiletries - face creams, shampoos, foundation, body lotion, face masks etc - and it was really lovely not to worry about what I was spending and not to feel any guilt about buying any of it! 

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