I can barely believe it but T turned 5 last week.  Overnight she seems to have gone from this cheeky baby and toddler to a very grown up little girl. 

At 5:

  • She's smart and is exactly where she should be in terms of learning at school.
  • She's kind.  If someone is upset at school, she will give them a hug and ask them if they are OK.  
  • Her favourite colour is purple.
  • She adores Buddy!  She has a chat every day with the teacher and TA about him and whether he's been a good boy.
  • Is still prone to a tantrum, although its been a while since we've had any majors (thank god!) 
  • Loves playing with her doggies and baby dolls. 
  • Is obsessed with soft toys and LOL. 
  • Loves watching Waffle on Cbeebies, I often hear her singing the song around the house... its such an ear worm!
  • Is much better at playing, both with E and on her own.  They have started to go upstairs to play in their bedrooms, which feels quite strange.  
  • Loves to help Grandad do mashed potato. And on the Grandad/food theme, she will always get him to make her pasta when she has dinner there.  Nanny doesn't make it the same apparently.
  • Her favourite foods are cheese dippers, yogurts and chocolate. 
  • Has long blonde hair half way down her back which she refuses to have cut any shorter. 
  • Is very loving, throughout the day she will tell us how much she loves us and runs up to give us a kiss and/or cuddle.

Happy birthday our gorgeous girl. We love you so much xx


  1. Lovely post. Hope you had a great celebration!

  2. Aw gorgeous, Clio's favourite colour as a child was purple. #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Aw happy 5th birthday T. Hope she had a lovely day x #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Happy birthday, she sounds a lovely character, you must be so proud #twinklytuesday

  5. Ahh, Kate! This made me a bit emosh! What a lovely daughter you have! Happy birthday T! #TwinklyTuesday