Gratitude Journal #23

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Painting Bargains
Its been a good week for new things for me to paint!  I picked up two large wooden mirrors priced at just £5 each and my FiL found me two small plate racks and a large wooden kitchen storage box.  I still have a towel rail to paint, as well as a number of items in storage at work, so I'm hoping I can find the time to crack on with them soon.

Parents Evening
Super proud Mum alert!  We had parents evening for both girls and both teachers were full of praise and had nothing but good things to say abut them.  Phew!  I always think it'll go well and that the girls are well behaved, but I always have the worry!  

We had two parties this weekend.  Oh what it is to have popular children! Mostly I don't look forward to them as the thought of sitting and making small talk with people I don't know that well, fills me with dread.  But this weekend, both parties went well and were actually quite nice parties to attend. 

New Scooters
Both the girls love their scooters at the moment but they've seen better days. In fact, Ts had broke, so we had planned to buy them new ones for a while.  This weekend we headed to Norwich to the toy superstore and picked them up a new scooter each. Whilst we were there, T also chose her new bike that Nanny and Grandad are buying her for her birthday.  She's almost 5... what a 5 years that has been!

Extra Hours in the Office
Last week my inlaws let me know they could collect the girls from school for me as they were also collecting my niece, which worked out quite nicely for me as it meant I could spend an additional couple of hours in the office and crack on with some work.  I was in the office alone and making the most of it being quieter!


  1. Those extra hours make such a huge difference! I get until 4 one day and I get so much more done! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Really lovely reasons to be thankful - I keep promising myself to paint and not getting round to it. Well done on the parents evening and coping with social anxiety at parties which I know is not easy #TwinklyTuesday

  3. It's rare I get a quiet office except first thing in the mornning and I think t's fab. I also had a great parents' evening. Aren't we happy when we do? x #TwinklyTuesday