Gratitude Journal #25

Two Days Off
Bliss. Its always nice not to have to work!  

Its been cold but its also been oh so lovely to see the sunshine making an appearance. Everything feels so much nicer when the sun is out. 

Our first BBQ of 2019 
As it was so nice we decided we would have our first BBQ of the year.  Our niece came round to play and the girls stayed out in the garden for ages.  It was really nice just to get outside and I'm always happy if it means the girls are away from their screens. 

Goats Rehomed
A hard decision to make but this week we rehomed our goats.  I'm planning to write about this soon.... 

Last week, T turned 5. She took sweets in to school for her classmates and we took her out for dinner in the evening and this weekend she had her first birthday party, which was a success, albeit a little stressful with late responses and queries over bringing siblings. 4 hours before the party! 

It has to be said though, I've been utterly amazed at how generous people have been with gifts. Now we just have to find somewhere to keep them all....  

I've not listed masses but I am trying to get into the habit of listing regularly so that I can make a dent in the mountains of old clothes that no longer fit the girls. I've sold 9 items this week which has spurred me on to sorting out some more to list this week.


  1. I ebay stuff too - mainly the books and toys. There's just too much!

  2. Yesterday, I noticed that we have more bare ground than snow in our yard. This is truly monumental! Spring may actually win!

  3. That's brill - that you've already had your first bbq of the year. I can't wait to get ours on the go. Aw and happy birthday T x #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Lovely reasons on the whole for thankfulness. I feel your pain on the rehoming front having rehomed our beloved Beagle dog at the weekend. We do not take such decisions lightly. Sadly we lost our 2 goats last year and it was so shocking. Sunshine and time off work are making me happy this week too. Always good to dclutter and if you can make pennies too so much the better. Happy belated birthday to your little one too - people can be so annoying about parties I find #TwinklyTuesday

  5. I'm so impressed that you've had your first BBQ! I've had a good declutter of maternity clothes and baby clothes that Eli has grown out of and they've all gone to someone else feels good to clear some space but at the same time I feel a bit sad that I wont need them again!! #TwinklyTuesday