Gratitude Journal #26

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After a heavy cough and cold - and D complaining about keeping him awake coughing - I admitted defeat and headed to the Drs.  Ten minutes later and I came out with a prescription for antibiotics.  They've take a while but they finally seem to have kicked in and I've started to sleep a little better.

Out in the Garden
On one of my days off last week I made the most of the sunshine and went outside to set some seeds.  Some went straight into pots outside and others are in my conservatory. A few days in and they have started to sprout already!  I've planted stocks, a mix of blue flowers to attract butterflies, lupin, foxglove and lots of different varieties of marigolds, seeing as last years did so well.

Yesterday I managed to get outside to do some weeding.  Considering we only have a small garden, it still took me a good 2 hours to do!  The girls took it in turns to help, in between playing and by the time I finished, everything ached.  It was worth it though, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy being out there, clearing my head.  

Mothers Day
I was completely spoilt for Mother's Day.  I hope everyone else was too!

Pffttttt. Not my favourite thing to do but I'm grateful to get it over and done with... until the next time.

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