Gratitude Journal #27

Half Term
Half term means no making packed lunches, no alarms and no running around to after school clubs. Hoorah! Of course, that then means I've got to keep them amused. Our first day has been spent tidying and cleaning the playroom followed by a trip to the park with a picnic and feeding the ducks.

Birthday Parties
This weekend T had a soft play party whilst E had one at a spa!  They were super excited about going and I was pleased too as it meant they were separated for a while, perfect for the start of the school holidays as they both get a bit fed up with each other after a while! It was a good chance to catch up with a couple of the Mums I've not spoken to for ages and to speak to those I've not spoken with before.  

New Blog Theme

With all the Pipdig drama going on over the last week or so, it was a good time to give my blog a little makeover.  I must admit that I was a little anxious at tackling it but I found myself a theme on Etsy and took a couple of hours to change it over. Its not quite as I want it and no doubt I'll be tweaking it for days to come but I was quite proud of myself for managing to do it!

The Opticians
This week I have been very grateful for the opticians! I'm now used to wearing my glasses but I do find them a little uncomfortable when I get warm and I know it'll be an irritation in the summer so I thought I'd attempt contact lenses. Oh my!  The optician checked my eyes first and confirmed I was suitable for them, although I do have dry eyes so I had to buy some special eye drops for that (£11 for eye drops!).  The contact lenses trial went well whilst I was there, I took them in and out absolutely fine after a couple of attempts so they sent me off whilst I still wore them, telling me to take them out after two hours. And that was where I had the problem, the first came out find but the second one, in my left eye, just didn't want to budge.  In the end, after a good 15 minutes or so of trying, I ended up calling the opticians and they told me to go straight back up to see them.  I felt such an idiot but apparently its not uncommon and they whipped it straight out for me. It was such a relief!  I must admit that I'm now a little anxious about trying the other pairs I've been given but I need to man up and get on with it. 


  1. I do like your bew theme. The colour is really pleasant X #twinklytuesday

  2. Nice cheerful stuff. The bit about Half Term made me smile as a home educator who has children around all the time. Not easy and I miss me time. I keep thinking and getting bugged by opticians to try contact lenses but I last had them in the Eighties when they were nightmarish so I always give up on the idea. I have done a quick fix after the Pipdig drama but have more work to do - blogging is never-ending work-wise sadly #TwinklyTuesday